Simon Law DipM
Simon is a graduate of both the Chartered Institute of Marketing and The London College of Printing (now The London College of Communication) and he has been involved with computing for almost 30 years. He is an experienced web developer working extensively with PHP, Java, Perl and HTML.

The growth of the internet as a communication platform means that he can offer a unique combination of expertise to clients (technology and marketing). As one of the co-founders of Siric Communications, Simon has been responsible for developing and managing multi-platform, multi-user web solutions along with managing corporate re-branding projects for clients.

Michael Dann BSc
Michael specialised in graphic and software design in his final year of a degree in computer science from the University of Plymouth; a course that encompassed web-development, graphic design, database and content management, software design and mobile application production for Android.

He is interested in the design and application of new graphical user interfaces, improving human computer interaction and website navigation through enriched intuitive design.

Michael is a competent web developer and programmer across a range of languages and tools with experience of java, html, CSS, C# and other .NET frameworks and is a proficient Photoshop designer and digital painter, with experience of both graphic and fine art based production techniques.